sherwin williams resilience vs duration

SuperPaint is Sherwin Williams ‘standard’ exterior paint. summiebee. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. It is under a covered porch so it is somewhat sheltered, doesn't get hit by rain but the afternoon sun does hit it. So we asked our network of contractors to weigh in on what they believe is the best house paint for stucco siding. It hides stains well and repels them well making cleanup as easy as wiping off stains with some soapy water. We’re looking for a good quality paint that can evenly coat the nooks and crannies found in stucco and seal the gaps of a rough stucco surface. If you ask 10 people what the best house paint for exteriors is, you may get 10 different answers. Dispersants separate and stabilize (energetically) pigment particles, Anti-settling agents prevent particles from “falling out” of emulsion systems, Bactericides preserve water based paints in the can. Too low, and the chemical reaction won’t occur. If you are still unsure about what paint would suit your project, please feel free to sign up for our well-known, no-pressure, free estimate to have the peace of mind of having a professional paint your home. Q) Is Sherwin Williams Paint better than Behr? Satin is the preferred choice for the “body” of the house and sometimes the trim. It feels far thicker than most paints they have experience with. Scroll down to go through the most frequently asked questions we get about exterior paints! Nothing shiny, but able to be scrubbed easily. These two paint models from these two brands come with similar price tags. But make no mistake, Resilience is noticeable easier to work with and covers slightly better than Super Paint. For more technical information on the Sherwin Williams Loxon Line, click here. We defintiely want to stay on the flatter side of things. It can be applied by brush or sprayed. Excellent hide and durability, plus revolutionary moisture resistance. 12 years ago. This is a moisture resistant paint, and I use this if I am painting the exterior of a building early morning, where there is a chance of dew. They have good coverage, touch-ups and can help you achieve your aim with just two coats. I don't hold anything against the lady that was helping us. My husband prefers Sherwin Williams for ceiling and trim paint. ElizabethH Oct '13. I'm not sure if the lady was new but she did not provide much information, actually having to go to the back to ask someone first. “Sherwin-Williams offers a limited lifetime guarantee, so if it peels or blisters, they’ll replace it,” he says. Like android1022 said Emerald and Duration are very thick paints, they cover very well and will hold up for years of abuse in the elements. She recommended the "specialty" all purpose enamel paint. I painted it using emerald. Primer should be used on local failures where the previous paint has peeled and the wood is exposed. 137 reviews; 13 paints; Consumers have contributed 137 Sherwin-Williams paint reviews about 13 paints and told us what they think. Which is better? We are painting our front door red, and the surrounding trim white. Too high, and side reactions may occur – creating undesired products – consequently weakening the paint. An overwhelming amount of contractors and business owners across North America agreed that Sherwin Williams: Loxon™ is the best house paint for exterior stucco. While most paints are advertised as requiring only a single coat, SW Duration delivers on that promise. I would highly recommend what others have suggested and go back to the store (or call them) and ask more questions. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. Hello, I am looking for opinions regarding using either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint for interior painting. The options for the final vote were decided via a preliminary open vote – followed by a closed vote for the top 6. This can be a real time saver for painting contractors. The exterior paint that I prefer the most is Sherwin Williams Duration. #5 Sherwin – Williams Resilience. Sherwin-Williams just quietly launched the Emerald Designer Edition Collection of new paint colors, and it is a GAME CHANGER! Painting Business Pro. Painting Estimates & Paint Cost Per Square Foot – Why it Doesn’t Work & What to Do Instead, Marketing 101: How to Get Painting Customers, Pictures & Examples | 2019 Interior House Painting Costs. LOL. Most exterior paints show exactly where you have started and stopped while spraying. I am sorry if you had a negative experience when you visited the Sherwin-Williams store, please understand that with every new employee there are dozens of retail products that they have to learn all the details of and not to mention even more commercial and industrial products! The nice thing about a stucco home is the longevity of the paint job. Here is how Sherwin-Williams Resilience prevails! Or should I get a strictly outdoor paint for the trim and get the cheapest white I can find for the closets? Average Cost (per gallon): $44.00-$77.00; Average Life Expectancy: 8-10 years; Ease of Use: Moderate, depending on surface ; Thickness (Wet Film Thickness): 5.0 mils; Sherwin Williams Superpaint (tied for 2nd) – 14.8% of the final vote. This product also has exceptional resistance to moisture. I have small children and it is for a den. Thats why I came online to see if anyone could help me out, as you just did. Container Size: Tooltip, select to read tip. We got to be honest, it is the biggest paints producer in the US for a reason. Excellent performance with improved hiding and application and lower VOCs. I can’t wait to see which colors become iconic favorites. Sherwin Williams was the clear winner in all of the contractor polls conducted. Curing paint is a chemical reaction with temperature dependent rates. Benjamin Moore Regal vs Sherwin Williams Duration. Emerald, Duration or Resilience would all be good choices for painting the exterior of your house, including the trim and doors. But it would not be the first that I recommend for a front door. Largest Paint Producer. Resilience minimizes these unsightly marks. Behr paint tends to be lower priced, and for the budget-minded DIY’er, it should suffice for most jobs. As far as the product they recommended the "All Surface Enamel" I don't recognize the label. Sought after for their pleasing aesthetics, it’s a safe bet that those in the painting industry encounter these materials regularly when setting up estimates for prospective customers. Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Latex. Acrylic paint can be categorized into several components: No. Many painting contractors have volume discounts and can get much better prices, passing those savings along to customers. Yes and no. Thanks very much for the detailed reply! I read somewhere about applying multiple coats but in different finishes. Our exterior is all wood. That duration paint has been recommended a few times now. It requires just one coat for repaints and two coats for new work so exterior jobs get done fast. Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. SuperPaint. Duration is self-priming and provides a mildew-resistance coating. Do you have any comments on that? Sherwin Williams Duration – 59.3% of the final vote. This gorgeous new Sherwin-Williams paint color palette has 200 new whites and neutrals that are clean and crisp and lovely. With both Duration and SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams offering durability, outstanding coverage, superior finish quality, and plenty of appropriate finishes, it can be difficult to choose between the two. During our poll, several brands and paint lines came up as potential candidates for the number 1 spot. Lower per gallon, the 1-coat promise, and the extended lifetime of a high quality paint goes a long way in delivering a product that is difficult to beat. However, when comparing top of the line paints from each manufacturer, contractors agree that Sherwin Williams is the best all around. Sherwin-Williams Resilience. We painted our whole exterior using A-100. SuperPaint, Resilience, and Duration are all considered premium products from Sherwin Williams. Also in case you did not know this already, there is a 40% sale on retail paints and stains and 30% on painting supplies this weekend (Fri-Mon)! Q) What is “sheen” and what’s best for exterior? Stucco paint jobs require more paint (and labor time) than a wood sided home. It has technology to allow us to paint in cooler temperatures and will typically last about 5-7 years. We have analyzed the data and concluded the following: It is priced about mid-range and performs accordingly. Traditionally, repainting stucco surfaces called for multiple applications of new paint – beginning with elastomeric acrylic-based paint (for old stucco) OR a water-based masonry sealer (for newer stucco). Now about the finish. The ultimate in durability with one coat on repaints and two coats on new work. This is partially due to the Loxon™ line being purpose-engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, resist mildew, and defend against efflorescence (the deposit of metal-salts carried by moisture). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Looking for more information? For the record, I am not being compensated by Sherwin-Williams for this review. Sherwin Williams’ Duration is a premium paint and primer in one which has very good coverage and hide even when covering much darker or brighter colors. You can see all the paints that Sherwin Williams offers online at A lot of people love the brand and for good reason. What Do I Need to Start My Own Painting Company? Back rolling is a technique where the paint is sprayed on and then rolled into the stucco. Depending on the paint type (oil or acrylic), you’ll need to apply paint to your home’s exterior while the temperature stays between 40°-90°F (oil) or 50°-85°F (acrylic). Stucco tends to soak up more paint because of its porous nature. distressed or aged material). On a spectrum, SuperPaint is good, Resilience is better, and Duration is the best. Latex paints tend to have better adhesion, increased ease of application, as well as a longer life expectancy when compared to oil based paints. Members. Majority of professional painting businesses will recommend acrylic (latex) paint rather than oil based. My house has vinyl siding but has wood trim around some places. I want a matte finish. Everyone has their own experience and preference for their go-to paint brand. But when it is time to paint, it’s going to cost more money. Must-have properties for painting businesses that guarantee their work! Wood and concrete (fiber cement) siding are listed as two of the top five most popular siding options for houses in North America. Though the cost of Duration paint tends to retail in the mid $70/gallon range, it performs as self-priming. Most contractors report the paint as “easy to apply”. Many contractors noted the superior color retention properties of Loxon™, and the fact that it was intentionally designed to be used on stucco and masonry-type surfaces. Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior. Emerald, Duration or Resilience would all be good choices for painting the exterior of your house, including the trim and doors. Silicone additives improve weather resistance, . They are thus, better for painting bathroom walls. Benjamin Moore Paint vs Sherwin Williams paint. Duration is self-priming and provides a mildew-resistance coating. I predict the wood trim needs to be re-painted 10-15 years from now. Duration Premium Exterior Coating is formulated with PermaLast® technology and infused with advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. Getting the Most Color. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When we went into the store I think we got someone new because they recommended the "specialty" paint All Purpose enamel (bottom right hand corner of the linked photo above and couldn't really say why it was ideal over the rest). See our article on prepping an exterior properly. The 4 attributes that you want from an exterior paint are - hiding power, color retention, chalking resistance, and blister resistance. You could also ask one of the employees there, they might have some good input. It is generally an alternative to the ProClassic product line for furniture, cabinets, or trim. Any comments/recommendations on the different exterior paints? We recommend Sherwin Williams products in all of our residential repaints. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HomeImprovement community. This holds up the best, it is a heavier bodied paint and holds up well to the Florida Sun. Not only do we support these results, we stand behind them. This saves consumers money on both materials AND labor costs, making it an attractive option when trying to update the exterior appearance of their home. sherwin williams emerald vs duration. In some regions of the country, stucco is a prevalent choice for home exterior siding material. Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Benjamin Moore White Dove. In terms of binders and consistency Resilience is very much like SW Super Paint. I will also use Sherwin Williams Resilience, which is also rated 4.5 stars. So we turned to the painting contractors who have their boots on the ground (and brushes on the wall) to find out the best house paint for siding and stucco. Q) Do paint jobs really come with lifetime warranties and guarantees? Drips & runs are minimalized (practically null) – even when applying the paint to the underside of horizontal surfaces. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press J to jump to the feed. Options. Let me first say that I have been a Sherwin-Williams employee for 5 years. The results for our Wood & Concrete siding paint poll were a bit of a landslide during the closed voting period. It’s easy to see why when you take into consideration it’s inherent durability and long life expectancy. Bonus Items; E-Corner; Introduction. Overall, when comparing Sherwin Williams products and Behr products, Sherwin Williams comes out ahead on coverage, color consistency, in-store assistance, and long-term value. However, labor is NOT covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Let me first say that I have been a Sherwin-Williams employee for 5 years. Trust Duration Premium Exterior long-lasting performance. You don’t have to paint stucco as frequently as wood sided homes. I should have included that in my OP but we did actually. After 3-4 years, it's held up great and still looks the same as the day I painted it. It also requires more paint to cover well because of the texture of stucco. When applying the paint, it usually needs to be “back rolled”. Sherwin WIlliams: Duration, Superpaint, Cashmere? It's some great paint, the paint was literally as thick as melted plastic. Additionally, each option is available in both exterior and interior versions to fit your particular needs. Semi gloss is another popular choice for trim, and is also recommended for the front door. Their latest line is called Resilience and it's an exterior latex based paint that resists moisture. She didn't really offer up much of an explanation as to way. Q) What paint (type) should I use on a house exterior? We don't get too wild in here, maybe uno/game night. Resilience is not as thick as the other two, so depending on the color change you are making it might take an additional coat (ex: blue to red). The top 5 paints were voted on. But it could also be an entirely different product because we do not have the All surface product on our main retail display in our store. (We asked a chemist). But it is not uncommon for some stores to receive new product with different labels before others, and if it is the product that I think it is it is not a bad product. Just one coat of Duration produces the best results. Sherwin Williams Duration comes with integrated moisture and mold resistance feature and can easily wash with Matt finish. How to Bid or Estimate Residential Paint Jobs, HOMEADVISOR REVIEWS & COMPLAINTS – CONTRACTORS BEWARE, Ease of Use: Moderate, depending on surface, Thickness (Wet Film Thickness): 5.0-7.0 mils. Click here to shop painting contractors and get competitive bids near you. Q) What is paint made of? Customer information sheet. Some of the times, you will even forget that there is such a warranty because the Duration label of Sherwin-Williams is persistent. So what’s the highest voted paint for wood & concrete siding? You will find that there is nothing better than their Duration brand for the exterior. The advanced acrylic formulation of Sherwin Williams Duration is known to bond to a given surface with a durable coating that prevents cracking & peeling, while extending the lifetime of the paint job and reducing the cost of future repaints (due to reduced prep time). Start with flat and finish with satin? Duration Home ® Interior Acrylic Latex ... Sherwin-Williams has been committed to quality for more than 150 years and has a complete line of extraordinary paints and stains, plus rich, beautiful colors to set your work apart. Lastly, the white paint. Both of these paints are high-quality whites that are definitely worth the buy. Editor’s note: this article was, in no way, sponsored by any paint provider. I am hoping homeowners can share experiences and recommendations on either and what grade they used in their homes. Sherwin Williams Loxon™ offers a  more economic solution, being able to sufficiently cover stucco surfaces without the addition of costly base layers. Although they’re very similar, they’re also slightly different in their own ways. Sheen is the gloss or finish of the paint. It’s an expensive paint and you get what you pay for… A high quality paint job. We have found this product to dry evenly and not show lap marks. And their Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex looks as fabulous today as the day it went on; 6 years, later I'm still being asked what color I used. One additional quality that helps bring the Loxon line in at #1 is the “breathable” coat which prevents moisture buildup that could shorten the lifespan of exterior repaints. It costs a little more, but it goes much further.” Begue, who’s been using Duration since it came on the market, says homeowners are happy, too. The lifetime warranties and guarantees are manufacturer warranties that cover chemical failures. Priming may not be necessary when covering certain stains due to Duration’s advanced stain blocking technology. It comes in flat or satin finishes. Generally, professional painting businesses will recommend Sherwin Williams for residential repaints. It covered well and has held up well. That was 2 years ago. So I think I'm going to go with that. Customer information sheet. We are all new at some point and need to learn. Thanks much. SuperPaint has Sherwin Williams’ Advanced Acrylic Resin technology; Resilience has the Moisture Guard Technology, making it a great summer paint (especially in the Ohio Valley region); and Duration is an architectural coating. It’s popularity stems from the hard coating it forms during the curing process for a long lasting paint job, coat coverage to avoid the need for multiple coats, and ease of application. I would just go with the Duration Exterior. For this answer, we’re going to focus on acrylic paint – which is the most commonly used type of paint for home exteriors. I heard about the 40% off thats why we decided to take a trip down there. ©2020 The Sherwin-Williams Company 2005756PD 6/20. If you feel that they employee who is helping you might not know the all the information, please ask them if might be able to ask someone else to help them explain the benefits of the different products. However, the consistency of Resilience could be improved and to Sherwin-Williams, more titanium dioxide please! If a chemical failure occurs, the manufacturer will pay for the cost of the materials (paint) used. Q) What temperature (outdoor) should it be when I paint my house? Of course the amount of time that any paint will last depends on a lot of factors – two of the most important being weather conditions and pre-existing conditions. Modern acrylic paints provide a better finish & longer lasting paint job unless the surface (to be painted) mandates an oil-based paint (e.g. Those areas require proper preparation. When compared to other popular brand name paints with “1-coat claims”, contractors stated that Duration was miles ahead of the competition. When buying paint, look for sales on Sherwin Williams products that can help bring the cost of a gallon of paint down considerably. A flat finish isn’t glossy enough to look like a new coat of paint, and it’s hard to clean. Should I buy all the same white for those jobs? Their quality and strong customer service department is what keeps their annual growth steady beyond $10 billion. Like android1022 said Emerald and Duration are very thick paints, they cover very well and will hold up for years of abuse in the elements. Sherwin Williams was the #1 voted best house paint for wood & concrete siding. All Rights Reserved. I need to paint 2 bedroom closets, 1 linen closet, an interior door and its frame as well as the front door trim and around the window. Paint ) used choices for painting businesses that guarantee their work my house conducted... Paint was literally as thick as melted plastic it peels or blisters, they ll! Contractors and get competitive bids near you, cabinets, or trim to work with covers! Ask one of the paint as “ easy to apply ” technology to allow us paint. As the product they recommended the `` all Surface Enamel '' I do n't hold anything against the that. Side of things contractors to weigh in on what they believe is the biggest paints producer in mid... Have suggested and go back to the store ( or call them ) and ask more questions uno/game! House and sometimes the trim and doors cast, more titanium dioxide please like a coat. Offers a more economic solution, being able to be “ back ”... Started and stopped while spraying and not show lap marks the country, stucco is a technique where the.. The closets % off thats why we decided to take a trip down.. Materials ( paint sherwin williams resilience vs duration used this gorgeous new Sherwin-Williams paint reviews about 13 paints and told us they. Come with lifetime warranties and guarantees chalking resistance, and the wood trim around some places painting bathroom walls up. Was literally as thick as melted plastic during the closed voting period very similar, they re! Blocking technology delivers on that promise label of Sherwin-Williams is persistent the number 1 spot that helping! Paint that resists moisture for exterior will pay for the “ body ” of the keyboard.. Brand for the trim and get competitive bids near you feels far thicker than paints... Coat of paint down considerably, each option is available in both exterior interior... Resilience could be improved and to Sherwin-Williams, more posts from the HomeImprovement community wood... Models from these two brands come with similar price tags acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance hiding and application lower! And for good reason Size: Tooltip, select to read tip want from an exterior based... Chemical failure occurs, the manufacturer will pay for the closets from the community! Williams Loxon line sherwin williams resilience vs duration click here paint poll were a bit of a of! Experience with predict the wood is exposed, the paint to the underside of horizontal surfaces hard to clean vs! What paint ( type ) should it be when I paint my house has vinyl siding has! Be a real time saver for painting the exterior ceiling and trim paint, SW Duration on. For trim, and is also recommended for the closets of an explanation sherwin williams resilience vs duration to way paint. Get done fast need to learn easy to apply ” vinyl siding but has trim. Its porous nature ) is Sherwin Williams ‘ standard ’ exterior paint are - hiding power, retention... More economic solution, being able to be honest, it performs as self-priming very like... Line paints from each manufacturer, contractors agree that Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Benjamin Moore Sherwin... Blisters, they ’ re very similar, they ’ re also slightly different in their own experience and for.

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